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And now, for the conclusion…

1.Is he tall?
2.Does he make money?
3.Since I’m 27-28 and need to get married ASAP, can I put him in this role? If I can’t, can I fuck him (assuming he is hot enough) without getting attached and distracted from my “marriage mission?”

I am only responding to this because i am high, and your narcissism is intriguing.

You’re right…the first thing I look at is height, even before pictures.

Unfortunately I do not care about money. I wish I did.

Since I’ve turned down 3 marriage proposals, and would make the worst mother EVER, you’re off on that one. Marriage with the right person…maybe. Children…cannot even imagine and dont think I’d ever want. Perhaps a dog.

I probably have been used for sex, but who hasnt? It’s NY. No hard feelings.

I dont list what I want from a man in my profile because honestly I have no idea. I was in love once and it was nice. It’d be nice to have it again, but I honestly have no clue of how to achieve such a thing.

My online profile exists only because I do not date or screw within my group of friends. I made a decision long ago to not shit where I eat, and the one time I’ve deviated from said rule, it was massive drama that was not worth the trouble.

Well, I suppose there is at least one thing cool about you after all, as most beautiful women in this town are obsessed with money. Assuming you didn’t inherit a fortune, I commend you for being somewhat unique in that regard.

Having no idea what you want in a man, and digitally “high-dialing” okcupid’s resident narcissist on a Saturday night is not unique, however. Don’t you have a date or something? I have a good excuse not to be outside right now, so don’t even start…

As I just remembered I am dancing tango tomorrow, a story my instructor told me springs to mind… He is gay, but unlike most gay men, he really understands women and male/female dynamics so I enjoy conversing with him. He once said to me:

“Most women justify their poor dancing with ‘I am just waiting for a man who knows how to lead who will make me shine.’ To which I say, ‘Maybe you should work hard at learning how to follow, because when ‘that man’ comes along he will have no interest in putting in so much effort’.”

My point is, what you want from a man is a whole rollercoaster of feeling and experience and you want to feel safe while riding it. This desire in you is so strong, you are turning your back on money and marriage proposals.

Since time is short, and you must be “this tall” to ride said rollercoaster, you should put your efforts into looking for a man who knows a thing or two about amusement parks.



So that was my clever libido enhancement banter.  For my own amusement.  No man should ever take any woman they interact with online seriously unless they prove themselves to be cool.  I’ve actually met two women online who did turn out to be very cool indeed, although they did still fall into certain flaws/categorizations I spoke about earlier.  But the main thing is that they were real women, and not crazy.  If a woman really is feminine, and not crazy, then most everything else can be discounted.

This woman I was chatting with, is another pot-smoking, lost girl from SF or Oakland.  It’s amazing how when they were small children they watched their mom or other moms conditioning the male children and apply that same shit to the adult men they meet.  For example, she writes to me off the bat with “I am everything you are looking for but you will never get it because you aren’t towing the line.”

Sure sweetie, whatever.  You ain’t no cookie jar, just a receptacle for so many confused Northern Californian males, you had to move to NYC just to have a chance at a fresh start.



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