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September 25th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Well, not really, but I need to do SEO for this blog as well as entertain.  So I hope you forgive my sometimes/often crude insertion of keywords.  It allows me to vomit up my thoughts without turning them into some god-awful PUA course. lol

With that being said, I’m sure Charlie Sheen has no need to increase ejaculation in his lifestyle, but I’m pretty sure he would dig my pills.  Anyway…

So I was watching that Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen and the guy is definitely a winner.  He never really worked a day in his life beyond making bad movies, and has made a shit-ton of money.  Which brings me to the secret of his legendary success with women.  Lots of my friends sit around and try to reverse-engineer his alpha male qualities or some bullshit like that.  But really, while Charlie Sheen is an alpha male, it has little to do with his success with women.  Neither does his fame, or his endless money.

Nope.  Charlie Sheen’s secret to success with women is really simple:

Incredible access to drugs.

No joke.  So many gorgeous women, especially in LA, love the cocaine and will take it up the ass bareback and suck the shit of your cock if you’ll share your limitless supply of coke with them.  Bitches love drugs, and if you have coke, crack, freebase, meth… you will access to as many women as you can handle.  It’s an endless party.  I don’t care how big a loser a guy is, as long as he has access to a substantial flow of drugs, he gets laid like a rockstar.

I remember when Brad P. first moved out to LA, and he sent an email to his list or whatever, talking about how these women are so hot, but that all they care about is coke.  He was in a bit of a shock when he wrote that email, as the drug scene in NYC is much smaller, and the women far less hotter.  I remember one story he wrote where he said he was screwing some girl while she was texting her friend to see if there were any drugs at another party.  Totally disassociated from her body.

I believe the story about Charlie lately is that he doesn’t even screw these women anymore, he just does drugs with them.  Like Tom Sizemore, and Nikkie Sixx from Motely Crue, I think a lot of these guys love the drugs more then the women. lol

But anyway, I love Charlie Sheen because he is so confident.  Then again, how can you not be confident when some network paid you $50 million a year to do a sitcom.  It’s outrageous when you think about it.  You could write hookers $30,000 checks too and not give a shit when you are making that kind of money.  Not that I would advise such a thing.   You are better off using it to change the lives of suffering people and making good karma for yourself so you can continue to do drugs and fuck hookers without ending up flat-lining in the ER.

I am very moody today.  My eye is healing from an abraded cornea that I got getting poked in the eye.  But I ran some good game today.  I am reluctant to post my actual escapades on this blog because it is really nasty when the subjects of them find out about the posts, and they will one way or another.  I think it was the demise of Solomon’s Wisdom or whatever that blog was called.  Besides, I rather wax philosophical and I have a hell of a lot more to share.



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