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September 22nd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So without further ado, here is the email message I got from this chick, followed by my replies…

Seriously? You have one weird, and not that attractive picture up. Usually I just ignore narcissist losers like you, but come on….your profile has got to be a joke. For the record, I am wonderful in bed, beautiful, and have a good heart, but based on the INSANE douche you appear to be, you will NEVER know that…..

Get real, dude.

Thanks for writing.

After having a bunch of profiles on various sites over a 10 year period (to supplement my far more productive offline philandering) and having been on countless dates with most of them ending in sex, I have come to the conclusion that almost every woman online is either:

1.Crazy and/or ridden with issues.
2.Hopelessly unattractive. (I don’t go out with those obviously.)
3.Trawling for a man who is a sucker.
4.Looking for a self-esteem boost.

Given that a gorgeous girl like you is online, that strikes out #2. So it’s got to be some combination of 1,3, and 4.

Of course you may be the rare exception, and all men have hope, so when OK Cupid sends me an email with pics of some girls, and any of them are hot, of course I write. Now, I would never write more then 1 word, because no matter what a guy writes, all the girl looks at is:

1.Is he tall?
2.Does he make money?
3.Since I’m 27-28 and need to get married ASAP, can I put him in this role? If I can’t, can I fuck him (assuming he is hot enough) without getting attached and distracted from my “marriage mission?”

Sadly, this is reality. So I sat around one day and said to myself, “What are the criteria of men?” We don’t care about height or money or rushing to get married before our biological clocks run out, so what do we really look for?

The result is my profile. I shining example of the not-so-shallow reality from the man’s point of view. Naturally women recoil at my vision. They feel only they are entitled to their “lists” and “criteria” while men are supposed to “love them for whom they really are.”

But love is love. It has nothing to do with marriage, sex, nor relationships really. If you love someone, you love them forever and nothing can change that. Love requires nothing more.

We get into relationships for need fulfillment.


Yeah, big old crazy, biological clock tickin, man-hating, low sex drive havin wreck of a woman here….or perhaps you’re just a tool.

I don’t know if you are or aren’t, (especially the man-hating part although hailing from Northern California you are rather suspicious lol), but it would be fascinating to hear what needs you are looking to have fulfilled by a man.

After all, your profile says nothing about what you really want. All it tells me is that you consume your fair share of entertainment, probably suffer a lack of will power (cigarettes) and possibly got used for sex quite a lot by guys who never saw the real you.

Don’t be shy. What do you want that you are scared to put in your profile for fear it would draw wrathful emails from men – or even worse, drive them away?

How does it end?Ā  Tune in tomorrow and watch her continue to challenge my self-image, sexual function, and psychological health.



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