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I got sent this article the other day.  I’ve read about this sort of thing over-and-over in the seduction community in great detail, so in many respects this yahoo article is very watered down for the masses.  Nonetheless, it points the common man in the direction of something very important, which is that hormones are the biggest key in the mating dance – and that modern technology has done a lot to corrupt this process.

Let’s look at birth control pills: When a woman takes birth control in the form of a pill that contain hormones, she effectively turns herself off to her natural biological signals and picks a man as a partner who is a “nice guy” who provides security as opposed to a man who excites her on a primal level.  As a matter of fact, it is a common phenomenon that when a woman stops taking birth control pills, she suddenly finds her partner unattractive.

I even fell into this trap recently, because I had met a woman who was very attracted to my primal vibe and pursued me rather relentlessly.  She was attracted to me because she knew that she needed a man who could bring out her own primal  nature.  So I began the process of bringing out her feminine glory via sex.  She was a beautiful and feminine woman from a good family with a great heart who hadn’t been fucked by an endless parade of suckers so I saw a lot of potential in her.  All was fine, until she decided to start taking birth control pills (women hate condoms more than men do).  Suddenly, she was whining about the fact that all I did was come over for marathon sex sessions and never took her anywhere.  The tragic thing was she never cared about anything but my cock until she started taking those pills.  Those pills had brought on some serious social deprogramming blowback!

So we split up, because I refused to make her my girlfriend until she had been properly reconditioned.  I know all the feminists and manginas out there will fume upon reading this, but the reality is that as a man you are responsible for the quality of your relationships with women, and the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of females have repressed their sexuality to such an extent that they really don’t value sex and love at the level a man does.  It may be hard for guys to wrap their minds around this fact, but it is this inequity of feeling that creates the modern “sexual marketplace” where women are basically trading sex for security (the quest for the rich husband or the workhorse husband) if not selling it outright as prostitutes, strippers, and porn stars.  The rest are either not having sex at all or else they are taking every cock that comes around in an attempt to obtain a release from their Reichian prison.

It is this psychosomatic plague that you are up against as a man.  If you are lucky enough to find a woman with potential it is up to you to bring out her real orgasmic nature and then create something of value out of it.  A functioning and non-neurotic family unit that would be capable of raising functional and non-neurotic children would be a great start!

But when you are doing “God’s work” make sure you don’t short-circuit her primal circuitry by allowing her to employ hormone-powered contraceptives.  Your best option is to get her a copper-coiled IUD, and ideally a Multiload IUD that isn’t shaped like a “T” so she gets stabbed when her uterus is having intense orgasmic contractions.


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