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November 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was just watching ABC’s “The Amazing Race” and I’m really upset.  There are these two disgusting women on the show from Sri Lanka who spend every episode talking feminist claptrap and hating on men.  Here is a picture of them so you can see just how disgusting they actually are:


These two cunts are basically men, as there is absolutely nothing feminine about either of them.  Ironically, they’ve completely rejected their femininity while at the same time shrieking about how awesome women are and how much men suck.  They also pull the “race card” every chance they get talking about the fact they are “two brown girls.”  I hate to break the news to them, but being brown doesn’t give them the same mojo that being black would.  So put that race card back in your musty twats!

In reality, they are just self-loathing and insecure broads – and they should be!  I mean, no man will ever love either of them – thanks to the degree to which they have transformed themselves from girl to boy.

But what really pissed me off is on tonight’s episode they STOLE the money from two of their competitors and THERE WERE NO CONSEQUENCES!!!

I mean, that pansy who hosts this show said NOTHING when these two bitches crossed the finish line at the end of the episode.  What a politically-correct pussy!

Look, not only is stealing money against the rules of the show, but it is a CRIME.  Would it be okay if one of the other competitors took a hammer and broke the shins of both of these slags in order to “slow them down?”  That’s also a crime and against the rules.  Hell, why don’t we just turn the show into a gladiatorial event while we are at it?

It’s unbelievable that these two girls go unpunished.  I would have them thrown off the show!  Disqualified!

But this is part of the decline of Western Civilization.  Men are women, women are men, and wrong is now right

During the blackout that followed Hurricane Sandy I was out drinking with a friend in a bar powered by candlelight and afterwards we went to a cheap Korean restaurant (self-service) to get something to eat.  At a certain point, I looked around and was like, “Holy shit, every guy in here is some sort of faggot!”  Now when I say “faggot” I don’t mean they were homosexuals, but I mean they were like total women.  The actual women were either completely masculine or else confused because there was nothing to counter-balance their femininity.  There was this one “couple” in particular where the guy had massive earrings in both ears and he was trailing behind the woman carrying her purse!  They ended up at the drinks cooler and you could see the expression of pain on this chick’s face because she just wanted someone to make a decision for her about what drink to buy.  Yet her “man” was more indecisive then her, and looking to her to make the decision!

At that moment, I suddenly realized something.  The world had changed around me and I hadn’t even realized it.  Because I refuse to grow up, I spend my time around young people and consequently failed to see that several generations have gone by – and that they are a mess.  Somehow all that stuff you read about in the conspiratorial blogosphere about how the “illuminati” have been working to destroy masculinity and femininity must be true, because this phenomena isn’t just in pockets of the social spectrum anymore – it is the social spectrum!

I am a frog, and I have been boiled slowly.




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