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Here we go!  Let’s talk some taboo shit.  The other day a friend sent me a link to this video:

And there is a part (0:40) where the driver says:

“She wanna’ be a man, I’mma treat you like a man.” 

He has a real point there, and I wonder if she will get in trouble for assault and battery on the driver, or if he will get in trouble for it?  My guess is that they will both withdraw any charges to avoid headaches.

Then today I got sent a link to this blog post where the legendary Roosh and his band of pick-up hooligans ran wild in DC and these quotes stood out:

“Never in my life have I shoulder-checked a bitch, but after watching one of our esteemed writers knock a princess into the railing on the sidewalk after she refused to move out of his way, I decided to give it a try. DC women can be rude as hell, so after the third or fourth time of literally being physically pushed out of the way, I shoulder-checked the fuck out of some little tart, and she spilled her drink on her sleeve. I did that twice last night, and it felt great.”

“I heard some chick tried to punk them, and Gmac poured a drink over her head.”

“I’ve had my fair share of “she’s being a bitch” moments, but goddamn it, I have no idea how Gmac kept from beating the piss out of her right there on the street before pushing her into oncoming traffic. I’m sure this makes me sound like a podunk backwater Texas hick, but I honestly didn’t know women [Northeastern women] behaved like that. Even a decent portion of the non-combative women on the street looked like they might come unleashed at any moment; I have no clue what these DC chicks are so pissed off about.”

I find these quotes interesting because I feel that women in the Northeast have gotten out-of-hand…

I have personally been attacked by women many times.  Often times without provocation.  For example, I would be hanging out somewhere and suddenly some woman would come at me.  I would have no idea who she was, never seen her before, and never talked to her either prior to her assault.

I’ve had women unleash endless profanity and curses at me while I walk down the street.

I’ve had women talk to me on multiple occasions either stating or implying that they could kick my ass. LOL!

This is utterly laughable on one hand, for obvious reasons, yet no laughing matter on the other hand – because women are far more dangerous opponents then men. I’ve been stabbed by a woman before.  One guy I know was at a concert and some woman he’d never seen before walked right up to him and rammed her fingers into his eyes for no apparent reason.  She had long nails, and he now suffers permanent vision impairment.

Women these days seem to think nothing of kicking men in the balls or going after their sexual organs.  I have a friend (ironically same friend who sent me the bus driver video) whose wife regularly kicks him in the balls.  I guess he likes it, or else he is afraid that she will divorce him and take everything he owns (he has two small children with her), because what he puts up with is utter insanity.  One time she attacked him with a kitchen knife, another time she let go of the wheel of their car to assault him while driving down the highway and nearly lost control of the vehicle.

So, the situation in the Northeast has gotten to the point where I had been wondering when guys would overcome their “white-knight conditioning” and just start tossing these bitches beatings.

You see the problem is most men believe that you should never under any circumstances hit a woman.  Ever!  They also believe that “saving” women from a beating at the hands of another man will get them laid as a reward.  The reality is that many men who have intervened in such situations suddenly found themselves attacked by the woman they were trying to “save!”

This conditioning is so prevalent in our society, that if a woman kicks you in the balls in a mood of bitchiness in front of a crowd of witnesses (like on line at a club) and you respond by breaking her jaw, you will not only go to jail, but every mangina out there will be against you.  So things out there are very tricky…

But what is going on here?  Some things…

-We live in a time where women have come to hate themselves so much, they desperately want to be men.  But they can’t be men, because they lack a cock.  So they seek to destroy the cock and the men attached to it.

-We live in a time where women’s psyches are so poisoned, the only way they can surrender/submit is via violence and rape, which they desperately hope to instigate in some man, somewhere.

What’s disturbing about all of this is that it makes it a very dangerous time to be a real man, because the majority of women are not real women, and will attack a real man.  I guess on some level they are coming to him for resolution, but the legal/social system is not set up to facilitate their salvation.  So a real man has got to employ some skillful means in dealing with this totally FUBARed situation.

At least in the Northeast.

I haven’t experienced this elsewhere in the United States, but in the Northeast it is definitely a problem.

The situation has forced me to rethink my interactions with women, and to be extremely mindful, because I don’t want to find myself in situations where my physical safety is at risk – either at the hands of some crazy bitch, or in the jaws of the criminal justice system.


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