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I got asked today how I lost so much weight.  Did I use kettlebells?  I went from 215 lbs. down to 180 lbs.   It took a few months.  How did I do it?

The most important thing I did was EAT LESS.  It doesn’t really matter what you eat, as long as you take in less calories then you need.  You can eat a diet of twinkies and chips and still lose weight as long as you take in less calories then you need.

But the fact of the matter is that it is easiest to deprive yourself of calories when you get good nutrition because part of your desire to stuff your face is your body is looking for nutrition and there isn’t any in America’s diet.

What is nutrition?  Very simply, it is the presence of bioavailable vitamins and minerals in your food.

What is bioavailability?  It means your body can use the stuff.  For example, most zinc supplements are not easily used by the body.  Which is why eating pumpkin seeds – despite their having far lower zinc content then a zinc supplement, will be more effective to increase sperm.

So to summarize, the idea here is to consume the foods with the most nutrition, so you can eat as few calories of said food as possible so as to easily lose weight.  What are some of these foods?

Lamb and Beef
Steamed eggs in an egg steamer
Raw Milk and Raw Butter
Pumpkin seeds
Organic vegetables
Vegetable juices you make in a juicer

I would also recommend that you get a hair mineral analysis done via mail so you can see what you need to supplement with, and what you need to detoxify for.

Finally, make sure your testosterone levels are as high as possible.

Now that you are on your way to losing calories in as healthy a manner as possible, you need to replace that fat with muscle.

I never learned how to use kettlebells, but they are awesome and many of my friends use them.  I use traditional free weights and concentrate on going heavy and hard with basic movements:

Standing military presses
Lateral raises with dumbells

Basically if you didn’t see Arnold doing them back in the day, I’m not doing them.  I find that is a good rule of thumb.

The key is that I only train a muscle group once a week to give any particular muscle group at least 7 days to recover.  Sometimes I even give a muscle group 8 or 9 days.



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