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I love drinking raw milk.  When I was young I used to drink “Quik” chocolate milk.  I used to drink a few pints a day.  It tasted great, was full of calories, and when I was in high school and lifting weights it was the only real nutritional support I could find.  The result of constantly drinking that liquid shit, was a lack of my own.  Constipation and acne was my friend, as well as a friend to all my other friends who drank regular milk.

Regular milk is poison as it has been heated to the point there is really nothing left alive in it.  Parmalat takes this to the extreme level where they irradiate the milk and it doesn’t need refrigeration anymore.  The solution is to drink raw milk!

Raw milk is illegal in most states, but is produced and sold nonetheless.  From time-to-time you will hear about regulatory agencies busting these “raw milk rings” and it’s just totally stupid.  I have a service in NYC that delivers raw milk to my door from upstate farms.  It’s so awesome!  Previously, I would have to go to some “drop off” point and pick up my illegal dairy swag and lug that shit back to my house.  Totally unacceptable!

People will tell you that raw milk is unsafe and will give you tuberculosis and all this bullshit.  After all – they will reason, there must be a reason why raw milk is illegal?  Back in the day the whole process of milking cows and bringing the stuff to market was not very sanitary.  Mostly because people were dirty and stupid to boot!  So in the early part of the 20th century people who worked around raw milk would be sick with TB and spit into the milk.

Raw milk is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria so if you spit TB into the raw milk supply, pretty soon you’ve infected an entire population.  It was for this reason that they began to pasturize milk.   These days the equipment and handling practices are so high-tech and sanitary there is no reason to fear being made sick from drinking raw milk at all.  Yet the fear remains, like the fear many women have of a huge ejaculation in their mouth.  Drinking raw milk may help them overcome this relationship-destroying phobia.

What’s interesting is that the original TB story has gotten twisted around, with people telling you that you get TB from drinking milk since raw milk contains bovine tubercle bacillus naturally.  These bacteria cannot get you sick, and in fact increase your natural immunity against TB due to being exposed to them.   Not that I’m worried about TB anyway as I am immune to it.  When my father was growing up he slept in the same bed with a friend who had TB and never got sick, and my mother contracted TB as a child and was never treated for it.  Her immune system eventually beat it up, but the TB scarred her lungs in the fight.  So I don’t worry about it.

Raw milk is filled with life-force, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and won’t constipate you.  Actually, it acts as a bit of a laxative.



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