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January 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

That’s what I’m going to do tomorrow to boost my erectile function. Tomorrow is squat day which should be a little hard because it is the heaviest day of my 1-month cycle. Deadlifts will be easy, because I do them after I squat and deadlifts are my strongest life along with seated cable rows. When I say they are my strongest lift, I mean I can move the heaviest weights with them. Naturally I can leg press and do calf-raises with more weight, but those aren’t real exercises. Leg press machines should be outlawed with the exception of vertical leg presses.

If I was president I would pass a lot of laws such as the mandatory consumption of penis pills by everyone. Including women! Some women take Money Shot Pills and they report it makes them horny as hell and forces them to run home and masturbate.

I am also excited because I discovered they sell Schluckwerder Marzipan in Greenpoint for cheap.  Thank heaven for small miracles!  One of my friends who was on the German Olympic Judo Team many years ago told me their diet consisted of marzipan, potatoes, bratwurst and all sorts of Teutonic goodness and everybody was ripped and powerful. lol



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