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Bowie knives are as American as apple pie and a traditional form of male enhancement.  A lot of people are not familiar with a lot of the history of the Bowie knife, so this should be very informative.

First, the Bowie knife is based on a German knife design from the middle ages called the Grosse Messer.  It means “large knife” and here is a picture of it:

Before American frontiersman fanned out across America, the saber was the weapon of choice and was taught in New Orleans in fencing schools founded by former naval officers.  But the saber proved too big for a frontiersman to tote about, and so they opted for a Bowie knife:

Interestingly, the Bowie knife is named after Jim Bowie – who never actually used such a knife in combat.  He used what is referred to as an “Arkansas Toothpick” which was a favored side-arm by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War:

It’s always interesting to note that both Bowie knives and Arkansas Toothpicks are based on knife designs that date back to the Middle Ages.  Both are incredibly deadly.  The Bowie knife allows for back-cutting and chops like a cleaver in addition to creating monstrous channel wounds in the human body.  The Arkansas Toothpick is double edged and adept at making surgical stabs.

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