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January 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

The Queen is back and I am thrilled!  I experienced a massive surge in my virility recently and I knew immediately it was because there was a disturbance in the force! lol  You can listen to her new show every Wednesday at 9pm here:


Alexyss is one of my favorite women and she spits some serious game and is entertaining as hell.  I love being a guest on her show, but I enjoy listening to it even more!

For a while I thought she was done with doing shows, and I was very sad.  But now she is back and better then ever, talking about all kinds of crazy shit like hitting the bottom of the pussy hole, etc.

I mean you never know what is going to happen on one of her shows. She also has developed a line of shampoos that are absolutely amazing. Here is a video of me doing a review of one of her shampoos that she custom-made for me:

She’s making a shaving lotion/body wash next, which I am very excited about because I shave with soap to begin with. I also heard that conditioner makes amazing shaving gel. So we shall see and I will do another commercial when I get my hands on it.



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