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I was dropping some game on an 18 year-old the other day that joined the MMA school I attend.  I always enjoy teaching young people about game, because I was never lucky enough to have anyone teach me shit… about pretty much anything, which is why I’m still Plato Powers and not Sauron or someone…

Anyway, I have touched upon the theme of this post before and will probably continue to do so again because it is so very important.  It’s all about the agendas of women.  The trouble is that most men have a false idea of what a woman is: they have been deluded by their experiences with their mothers into believing that women are fundamentally loving and unselfish and all this crap.

I would suggest that the love and selflessness that mothers display have far more to do with hormonal events then their respective character, as it is well documented in books such as “The Aware Baby” that if women don’t get to hold their own infants within a certain time period after giving birth, no bond is formed and the woman spends the rest of her days wondering what is wrong with her because she doesn’t feel for her child the way she thinks she should.

The basic idea here, is that 99% of men have absolutely no clue what a woman is actually capable of when it comes to advancing her own agenda.  It is important to realize that a woman is not conditioned when she is growing up to have any sort of moral code or ethics.  Certainly her mom did not condition her in this regard as her mom’s intention was only to raise another predator.  The father could not condition her because he was a conditioned slave created by his own predatory mother.  Why do you think fathers are always wrapped around their daughter’s finger and their sons tied to the apron strings of their wives?

So a woman who desires something is utterly ruthless.  You can see this in TV shows like “Spartacus” on STARZ.  That’s why the show is so important for any young seducer to watch – it shows you reality.

I have a friend, and when he was very young, his own divorcee mother threw him out of the house because her new boyfriend didn’t want to see him around.

Stories like this abound and I don’t want to bore you with them.  It is also not to paint a picture of women as evil.

They are simply amoral.

It’s just that men need to realize that even if they had a mother who really loved them and stood up for them, other women are not their mother and never will or can be!

A good way of looking at it, is to see women as dangerous predators who are only capable of being loving to their own progeny – and even then 80% of the time they will condition their offspring to be food for their predatory “sisters.”  They can’t help it, because they are predators – and predators are amoral creatures.

I quoted the following  two passages from the best PUA who ever lived, “60:”

“It’s very easy to get a girlfriend if you agree to follow her agenda. Even a guy who sucks with women can get a girlfriend if she thinks there’s a chance it will lead to marriage. Why do guys continue to get married despite a 70% divorce rate? Ego. They actually think that because she wants to get married, he really must be special. You might be the one, but you’re not number one.  Sometimes we think we are so great that our girlfriend would die without us. We are irreplaceable.

I have a friend for many years, and quite some years ago he was dating this chick.  At the time he was unemployed, played in bands and read comic books all day, yet he was absolutely brilliant and very ambitious – just trying to find his way.  This girl was pushing for him to get “gainful employment” and marry her, but because he wasn’t moving fast enough, she dumped him and MARRIED A UPS TRUCK DRIVER!!!  Like in that stupid fucking show, “The King Of Queens.”  Ironically, my friend ended up becoming a successful Hollywood producer and then transitioning into politics.  But he probably still feels bad because she was really hot and had huge tits which are very important to him.  The good news is he can always get another one (and a much younger one) while she is probably still with a UPS truck driver and MILFing it up out on Long Island!

Just because she married YOU don’t mean she loves you the most. Women don’t marry the guy they like best. They marry the best guy out of the pool of guys who is willing to commit to her agenda. The guy she likes best and still fantasizes about is the sexy adventurous guy who refused to commit.  Once she sees the provider potential in you, she will never allow you to be just the lover. She would rather leave and start over with someone else.

This is very important.  High-quality men must always be vigilant to not trigger the provider alarms.  Don’t wear your Rolex out in public because it’s nothing but tricking, and it is tricking even if you’ve got it. ;)   Tell women you do something financially unrewarding for a living.  Don’t tell them you own a really successful business or some shit like that.  Tell them your business is struggling because you are still in start-up mode. lolz

Tell them everything that augments your sexual value yet detracts from your provider value.


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