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I’ve seen, and continue to see… marriages fail all around me.  There are lots of theories as to why marriages fail, but there is this theory going around that marriages fail because of money.  Either the couple is fighting over money, or there isn’t enough money…  When you say this in public, everyone thinks you are wise and nods their heads in agreement or sighs like they’ve been enlightened by the Buddha himself.

It’s all utter bullshit!

The reason that marriages fail is due to sex.

Naturally, since we as a society still can’t own up to the fact that our women are all prostitutes, we say stupid things instead like “marriages fail due to money problems.”  Sure, when you have no money to pay your local prostitute it would be considered a “money problem,” no?

This is actually why sex stops for most people once they get married…  See, once the woman gets control over you via the marriage license (enforced by courts biased towards women) she basically raises her rates – and since you will rarely be able to afford her new rates, you get less sex to none at all!  Yes… you are a sharecropper with respect to sex now…

As I said in my last post, you must remember that a woman doesn’t marry the guy she likes the best.  She marries the guy who is the best candidate to advance her agenda.  Practically speaking, if she can’t find a rich guy she will find a guy who has a lot of earning potential and whom she will be able to “put to work.”  The hotter or more beautiful the woman, the less she will need to fuck with “work horses” and the higher the probability she will be purchased outright (rich guy).

So what can a man do who wants to get married, and stay married – while enjoying lots of sex?

You are going to need to change your woman’s agenda!

Women sell their sexuality and advance agendas for one simple reason: most of them suffer from anorgasmia.  They may have  multiple clitoral orgasms or a spasm or two in their cervix, but they are nowhere near their real sexual potential.

Since a woman has really no idea about sex or what her body is supposed to be doing, how can you blame her for selling her dead pussy in exchange for another extension on the house, a second car, or a new kitchen?

It’s really your fault as a man for not educating her!

For this reason, I suggest that every man puts a potential LTR (long-term relationship) through a sexual training program.  Until she graduates from your program, do not reward her with LTR stuff!

It is absolutely suicidal to your masculinity to invest any LTR energy into a woman who:

-Does not have waves of full-body orgasms.

-Cannot orgasm while deep-throating (gags instead) and won’t swallow.

-Will not have anal sex or does not orgasm during anal sex.

A woman who can pass all these functionality tests is a woman who is going to be free from prostituting herself in order to advance neurotic agendas that aren’t even her own to begin with.  Therefore, it is imperative to you train any woman you desire a LTR with in how to function in this manner.

Yes, many women will drop out at some point during the semester.  But as the professor, you recognize that you will not be able to inspire every woman you get involved with to surrender to your instruction and to face her fears and the energies she has shut out of her life.

Simply let them go.

If you refuse to accept your leadership role in the relationship, and allow her to continue along in her anorgasmic existence, she will not only charge you for sex (to fund her agenda) while continuing to raise her rates until you are getting no sex at all… she will also eventually go behind your back and find some guy on the side with whom she can unleash her wild side anyways.

Is this how you want to relate with the woman you say you love?

I didn’t think so.

Make sure she loves you and not her agenda!



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