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July 24th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

On Friday night I went to pick up my girl at a Milonga which is like a tango dance party.  I’ve been taking some tango classes at another school which is kinda’ fun.  A couple females had been pestering me to take up tango and I ignored them as usual but then one of my friends said I should do it because it would be a great place to find women who like to be led, have self-discipline, and are in shape and elegant.  Great idea!

So having never listened to tango music, watched tango dancing or anything like that I enrolled in classes and just started doing whatever the instructor told me to do.  It’s really fun, and the women are great.

Anyway, so I went to pick up my girl and this other lady who worked at the dance school starts to try to pick me up (she probably suspected my huge ejaculation by my swagger) and then she does what so many stupid western women do, which is to put the man in the wrong roll.  She gets insistent that I go on the floor and dance with my girl and I say that is a bad idea because for any woman you are with to see you in a position where you are not being dominant, competent, in-charge, etc. is pretty stupid.  Just like the smallest piece of a hologram is the same as the whole, to fuck up in one area of your relationship will corrupt the whole.

She then has the audacity to suggest that my girl lead since I don’t know what I am doing.  My girl hears this and nearly vomits in her own mouth.  I say, “That’s the stupidest idea I’ve heard today.”  She goes, “Women love a man who allows himself to be led, blah, blah…”

I reply, “Who put these stupid ideas into your head that you repeat like a parrot?  No matter what ideas you have in your forebrain, your hindbrain has a very different idea and it’s the only female brain that I will address.”

Now she won’t talk to me.  She is mad.  Plus my girl is super hot and she is not.  End of ownage.

But everything’s backwards these days.  Like I saw Bruce Jenner on some show where these awful women (I think it’s “The Talk”) babble shit for hours all afternoon every weekday.  Bruce Jenner was on it, along with his wife who acts like Kim Kardashian’s pimp, and Bruce has diamond earrings in BOTH ears and looks like a woman.  He had some plastic surgery too, but I think it was to turn himself into a woman and not to make him look younger.  It’s massively creepy. Plus, turning up with earrings in both ears on a show dominated by women is a clear occult message. Fuck Bruce Jenner.

But the occultists who run the show we are all actors on, are into this hermaphroditic, transhumanistic bullshit.  They want for there to be no distinction between machine and man, man and woman… they want the women dominating the men, lies to become truth. Here is an awesome video that’s got my back:

But that’s going to be our future. Too much estrogen in the water, the beef… pretty soon the women will be on top oppressing the men. It’s so fucking scripted by those in charge. They put black against white, women against men…



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