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July 25th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Uniqlo is the greatest store ever. Any guy who wants to score pussy in a town like NYC needs to dress well. It’s all about the clothes here. In LA you need a nice car. In NYC nobody gives a shit about your car, except for Russian sukas.

So the problem is, how do you look fashionable, in clothes that are comfortable and also cheap as fuck – without looking like they are cheap as fuck?  Years ago I studied with Brad P. who is now really famous in the PUA world.  At the time he was teaching out of the 2nd floor of a pizzeria across the street from FIT.  Fun times!

Anyway, Brad had a very interesting take on the world of fashion.  Let’s see if I can paraphrase it here: The purpose of fashion is to telegraph dominance in a social strata.  Now don’t think about dominance like you are dominating with respect to a woman, but in terms of the idea – that the “masters” in society who don’t have to work, and have tons of disposable income – choose to spend their time and money shopping  for clothes that the rest of society doesn’t wear.

This is why you never see the clothes you see on a runway, on the street.  Who buys them?  The dominant elite.  For use at galas, on yachts, etc.  However, once-in-a-while in places like NYC, you will see somebody walking down the street and he is dressed in resonance with that strata.  EVERYBODY knows he writes his own ticket by the clothes he wears.

Now here is where it gets interesting… There is something called a “fashion signal” that changes each season. Because it it didn’t, clever people could save up enough money to copy the elite.  So every season the fashion signal changes.

Stores like H&M copy this fashion signal and offer it to the public for pennies on the dollar.  Sadly, their clothes also look it. :(   Luckily most people only respond to color and shape and not texture and quality.

Enter Uniqlo!

Uniqlo’s stuff isn’t made cheap, yet replicates the fashion signal just as strongly.  Plus, it helps you attract Japanese sluts who like a guy who has a lot of semen volume.  I can be a cultural ambassador of bukkake on behalf of the United States of America!

The clothes at Uniqlo are so amazing, you can get a pair of jeans that is in the same class as True Religion for $26.  No joke.  They fit perfectly, are made from some high-tech denim that stays cool… The Japanese bring technology to fashion!

Back to the fashion signal…  The smartest thing you can do is to buy whatever is on the mannequins.  Somebody who is a slave to fashion spent a lot of time putting shit together and what do people do?  They think they know more then some fashion-fag, and assemble their own outfits.

Buying whatever is on the mannequin is cost-prohibitive anywhere else, but not at Uniqlo!

Seriously, you will stand out when you walk down the street and it just makes your life with women so much easier.



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