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I am going to write about a topic that pissed off some random woman who subscribed to some mailing list of mine.  She got so mad she emailed me and let me have it. I didn’t even reply, I simply unsubscribed her. Women get super-pissed when you point out the following truths to them, so one must tread carefully in this regard. Anyway, I don’t think any women actually read this blog – for obvious reasons.

So you can tell a lot about a woman you are thinking of getting into a relationship with by asking them about their father. Don’t be so blatantly obvious about it by saying “What was your relationship with your father like.” Many fucked-up chicks know they are damaged and this line of questioning may blow your chances of fucking them and disappearing afterward. But by all means steer your conversations into this minefield as early as possible. The following are red flags that disqualify women from having happy relationships, in order of destructiveness:

1.Parents are/were divorced. Doesn’t matter who left who, but obviously if daddy abandoned them it is far worse.
2.Father was abusive, dysfunctional, whatever…
3.Daddy died too soon.

The above 3 things spell total disaster. I could write for days on this subject… Reichian and Primal theory can explain it for anyone who is interested. The point is you don’t have to understand the psychological mechanics to heed my warning. Embark on a relationship with these sorts of chicks at your own peril!

Speaking of messed-up broads, a good read is Toni Bentley’s “The Surrender” which is basically this really accomplished ballerina devoting an entire book to the subject of her taking it up the ass as catharsis for the terrible relationship she had with her father.  What a way to get back at daddy by rectally receiving huge ejaculations… He must be so proud of his daughter – I mean, most women enjoy it up the ass from the right guy, but most women would not write A GODDAMN BOOK about how they like it up the ass! It’s really creepy. She has a fantastic ass, and while I can’t say the same thing about her face, the book will give you a lot of insight into women these days.

When I was growing up, shortly after divorce had been “green lighted” by society,  my generation became  the first to have what were called “latch-key” children. This phrase implied there was nobody home when kids came home from school since the parents were divorced – or else working to keep up with inflation thanks to the banksters. So these kids got into trouble, naturally.

But it only grew worse over time as the children of divorcees produced even more fucked up relationships. Then online porn came about and generations of not only men – but now women, were neurologically wiring themselves to be sexually aroused by the most fucked up sexual practices. When I was a teen, we watched VHS tapes of porn stars having “vanilla” sex. But today is different, and every time I sleep with a young girl she is down to be choked, called filthy names, spit on, etc. Where did all of these young girls learn this stuff? At internet porn university!

Women are far more sexual then men and far filthier of mind. Give a developing  female mind – traumatized by dysfunctional parentage, access to anonymous perversion online and what do you think it will do? Masturbate day-and-night until the neuroplasticity of her brain takes a permanent shape that may not be very good for her future in love.

Like Toni Bentley, these days they all have a great future behind them!



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