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December 5th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Girls in NYC are friendly to nobody. This is because they all made the
decision that femininity is worthless in a city of career-based competition.
They are technically men. Even those famous PUAs (pick up artists) get
disastrous results in NYC. The best ones mimick someone with money. All
the super-hot girls I fucked in this town mistook me for a rich
businessperson.  Well, rich is relative!  But, it only got my foot in the door – game is required because NYC is full of rich losers who throw apartments and cars at women
just for being able to have sex with them 1x per month. So if you don’t
want to be some hottie’s tool, you need to use game to showcase your virility.

Studying a local PUA like “60″  will give you the best skillset possible, then the
rest of the game is about increasing semen production, and using the internal pressure of all that load to motivate you into running the numbers – meaning that even the best
guys are getting rejected maybe 10x for every non-rejection. Especially in
this town. But you keep plowing and eventually you get a girl you can
practice on. Basically, the more women you open, the more you get laid.
Eventually someone will sleep with you and good presentation + game will
ensure that this “someone” will be hot.



Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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