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December 6th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

One of my friends sent me this article about a chick who lives in my neighborhood who used match.com to get guys to buy her dinner every damn night so she could supplement her income.  Naturally, she didn’t take any large ejaculations in the process so the guys got cheated.

Taking penis pills like mine will give you some balls but you’ve got to use them to set up “ground rules” of your own so you can but bitches like this in their place.

Rule #1

Don’t buy a woman more then 1 drink of anything until she has at the very least sucked your cock.  Who the fuck takes women on dinner dates anyway?  Apparently most men still do.  Dinner is reserved for women you are sleeping with, and even that is optional.

Rule #2

See Rule #1. :)

Women who demand dinner on dates is sheer whoredom and will never lead to sex.  Tons of women have no problem harming men like this.  Having lived in NYC my whole life, I can tell you stories… The few times I have bought a woman anything other then 1 drink things went sour.  Luckily I spent very little money.  What’s ironic is those were cases where she seemed cool and it didn’t feel like anything would go wrong.  Yet it did.  So learn from pimps….

You feed your hoes after they’ve walked the track all night, not before.

Finally, if you suspect a girl is a dinner whore and want to punish her, take her to a restaurant and order a ton of food.  Treat yourself right!  Then, walk out under the pretense of taking a phone call and never come back.  It’s hysterical to read the email in your online dating inbox the next day!



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