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Yesterday I said I would talk about the real purpose for a man having a woman in his life, as opposed to the different types of false reasons for her being there.  The bottom line is that there is no better reason to be with a hot woman then to improve sperm count.

Really the only thing you need a woman for is sex.  It’s all a woman needs a man for as well, in addition to money.  If you discount all the endless whoring for dollars via marriage and baby-making, a woman also only needs sex.  I think it was the rapper Little Kim who rapped that all her and her girlfriends were looking for were “fat wallets and big dicks.”  So basically financial support and sexual pleasure is a less ghetto way of phrasing things.

So if I say the only thing a man needs from a woman is sex that is not offensive or demeaning.  The trouble occurs, because so many men fail to see that this is the case.  They are so busy idolizing women instead of fucking them, that they fail to see their true sexually predatory nature beneath the social conditioning and social masks, which is something akin to this:










I will say that there are 4 types of motivation for getting into a relationship with a woman.

1.Sexual chemistry and connection.
3.Being IN love.
4.To satisfy a mental need.

Only #1 is worth anything.  The other 3 reasons are dangerous and can end you up in a lot of trouble.

1. Sexual chemistry and connection is the best because it is pure.  Sexual chemistry and connection is purely related to hormones, pheremones, and Ki. It has nothing to do with looks, age, etc. If the two people involved are open-minded, they can fulfill each other’s fantasies and other needs.  If the two people involved are conscious, they can channel this into doing sex magick.

2. Love is love.  If you love someone you love them forever, but what does love have to do with sex?  As they say in this German film “Wings of Desire,”  “An angel doesn’t love – an angel IS love.”  Some dream of having a relationship with both sexual chemistry and pure love, but I am not sure this is tangible.

3.What people call “being in love” is the most dangerous but also has the most potential to offer transformation.  “Being in love” is often looked at as that intangible fusion of sexual chemistry and pure love that I mentioned above, but it is not.  Interestingly, nobody can define what “being in love” actually is.  Despite that, we ALL know when we are “in” love and recognize the insanity of it.  That is because it is, in fact, temporary insanity.  What being “in love” is, is when you meet someone and they are triggering all of your unresolved, subconscious shit from childhood.  As it isn’t exactly the same for every person, and it is subconscious, nobody can define it.  It’s the most addictive, the most sickly pleasurable due to its’ primality, yet also the most potentially destructive.  In fact, it never works out for anyone, does it?  Yet everyone chases it, because it is the most alive and intense feeling they can have, and because deep down they know it is also a potential door to freedom from the tyranny of childhood programming.  It is within this knowledge, that there is something impressive about being in love.  Basically, if the 2 partners are really conscious and strong and committed, they can use the window of being in love to shatter their realities and rebuild themselves in an image they choose.  Sadly, most people are too weak to ride that tiger for more then 1 week.

4.To get into a relationship to satisfy a mental need is the dumbest of all.  So many people are such robots, they seek partners on schedule based entirely on lists of desires that need to be satisfied and compatibilities deemed necessary.  Men date women who are beautiful to show them off, and not because they feel anything at all.



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