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In more primitive cultures, boys were raised by their mothers during their critical, formative years.  Once they got enough breast-feeding and love and all that, they were whisked away to live with the men.  There was a very good reason for this, as too much exposure to women – for a boy is a bad idea.

One of the big misconceptions about women is that they have these huge hearts and are capable of incredible love.  The justification for this false assertion is always to point to the woman and say she is the giver of life, and has the fierce love of a mother and all of these other projected fantasies of men.

It is true that if a woman holds her child close to her bosom inside of a narrow window after birth, certain chemical reactions occur inside of her that bond her to the infant.  This has little to do with “love” and everything to do with a biological process.  In cases where the mom was smoking crack, and the crack-head crumb-cruncher was whisked away into an incubation box, no bond was formed.

The reality, is that men are the ones with bigger hearts.  It is rather easy to prove, that men have superior hearts:

1.Almost all saints and enlightened beings are men.

2.Love songs are the domain of men.

3.Men will “carry a torch” their entire lifetime.

So men are the ones who are capable of such incredible love, while women, under the false premise of being life-giving, sensitive and loving goddesses, are actually perpetrating the murder of men.

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Now how can I say that women are getting away with the murder of men?  Well, all human beings suffer from existential anxiety.  What happens is boys seek to resolve this existential anxiety by elevating their mom into a goddess and worshiping her image, while women seek to resolve their existential anxiety by becoming a goddess – basically becoming a mirror image of their mom.  They learned to control men in their futures by watching their moms manipulate their father and brother(s) in the past. This is why, even though the most addictive compulsion in both genders is that of “control,” the woman tends to display this more flagrantly then a man will.  This is because the man handed over much of his need for control – along with the existential anxiety beneath it, to whichever woman is his “goddess” at any particular moment.

The trouble with this arrangement, is that it turns the son into a slave to his mother, and into a slave for all women in the future.  This would be fine if women really were a goddess, perhaps… but the reality is that they are mostly just sexual pleasure partners and vessels for producing sexual magick.  In tomorrow’s blog post, I will talk go into the real purpose for a man having a woman in his life, as opposed to the different types of false reasons for her being there.  Here is an image of one of those false reasons, that does little to raise my sperm count:

Yeah, we are going hardcore with this blog, but like one of my role models said to me years ago:



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