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January 8th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Any PUA will tell you that dating sites are a fun way to “supplement” your dating.  Just like in lifting weights, supplements are no substitute for hard work and hard rest. lol!  I love reading dating sites for amusement, and have profiles up on a few of them.  Hey, you never know!

Dating sites a perfect way for a man to remind himself that most women haven’t a clue let alone game…  The common myth is that women are so good at dating and relationships and all this bullshit, but reading a slew of their profiles reveals they are just as clueless as the men whose profiles they love to take potshots at in their profiles.

Seriously, I might as well talk about bigger semen volume in my profile, because I am horrified at some of the shit these women write in their profiles and the types of pictures they post.  Today I saw a girl put up a picture of herself on a stripper pole claiming she does it for “exercise.”  Sure sweetie… you do it because you are trying to find your lost sexuality.  It’s like when buying Victoria’s Secret underwear no longer gives you a boost in sexual self-esteem there are always pole-dancing classes.  You know what you really need?  Lots of deep orgasms! lol




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