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January 7th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes I am out in bars or clubs or just going about my business, and people ask me if I am a pick-up artist.  It’s probably because lately I dress a little bit like PUA Mystery.  Emphasis on little bit.  We are both tall, have long hair, and are actually the same age I believe…

So when people ask I say I am into seducing girls and not picking them up, and that I was once part of the scene but graduated from it.  Most PUAs never do.  Basically I became an alpha male.

What does that mean?  An alpha male, ultimately, is someone who has the courage to face up to and overcome his personal demons.  He challenges his karma.  That’s all.  You’ll never hear this sort of definition in the community – because let’s face it, nobody in the community meets this definition. lol

So one thing I can say is that as you shoot bigger loads in a physical as well as a metaphorical sense, other people – both men and women, will start to hate on you.  A lot of people hate on alpha males in today’s world because an alpha male is a representation of inner strength and most people these days utterly lack it and resent those who have it.  Most people, as Wilhelm Reich wrote, are little people. Men as well as women.  Keep it in mind!



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