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August 23rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I just discovered this wonderful article on why you should take cum pills.  Basically, unprotected sex and swallowing loads is great for women and makes them happy and not depressed.  I won’t repeat what is in the article, but it is obvious that a woman is made to take loads from men and not spit them in the toilet or trap them in a condom and flush them.

I discovered this article on a Facebook thread, and what’s funny is all these idiot who post shit like, “Some study said that women who suck dick and swallow had a higher incidence of throat cancer.”

For real???

It used to be that in the 80′s the scaremongering was about HIV/AIDS.  “It isn’t just for queers!” was the rallying cry to get straight people to wear condoms.  “No glove no love!” was one slogan I remember.

These days they tell you that there is this thing called HPV which will make your cervix fall out,  your ding ding fall off…

Do you really think the most life-giving and pleasurable act on the planet for our species is a minefield of disease and death?

I hope not.

Anyway, just another tool in your toolbox for convincing pent-up sluts that it is okay to have unprotected sex and swallow semen.

Hopefully the Daily Mail will come up with an article next proving that anal sex produces relaxation and a sense of calm on women. LOLZ!


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