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Today I am off to the gym to get jacked and increase sperm count. If you look at the genetic potential of, say, Kai Greene… then I’m the opposite. lol But I love lifting weights!

It’s good for you as a man to build testosterone levels and increase sperm count, and it’s important then men have some sort of bonding activity where they can hang out together and support each other in getting something done that is going to help get everyone laid. For real, no matter what anybody says, being in shape gets you pussy. Just as does increasing sperm count. It all goes together. It’s like you know how on myspace there are all these guys with their shirts off in the profile pictures with washboard abs? They do that because it gets them laid like crazy. Women will say that it looks stupid and all that, but what women say and what they do are two totally different things. Just like women proclaim they are sick of getting cock pics sent to them over email or the cellular network. Would you be upset if women kept sending you tit pics? Believe me, women are crazier about dick then men are about tits. Maybe I should start sending pics of my ejaculations to show them that I can increase sperm count.

I used to really doubt being in shaped mattered, as I got laid when I was fat as fuck. But I used to be really skinny, and didn’t get laid much when I was skinny. Relatively speaking, at least… But, when I started to lift weights and get bigger – the pussy started to flow. Then I quickly got fat because I drank too much fructose-sweetened weight gainer. The pussy continued to flow, but it was probably due to the confidence of NOT being skinny and knowing I could increase sperm count by taking 4 tablets a day of MoneyShot. Having been skinny for years and hating it, I was just thrilled to have some substance, even if a lot of it was fat. I was probably the only fat dude who was happy with himself on this entire planet.

But I kept being chastised by my peers, ridiculed for my gut. So one day I figured I would get in shape.

The truth about weight loss is that you just need to cut back your calories. Seal that pie-hole. Put down that cake. End of story. There are no “good” calories and “bad” calories, although there are such things as “nutritious” calories and “non-nutritious” calories. “Nutrition” can be defined as the presence of vitamins and minerals. So the idea is to consume as many nutritious calories replete with vitamins and minerals to be healthy and to increase sperm count, but as few calories as possible overall to be ripped. truthfully you could eat ring-dings and drink soda pop and lose weight as long as you consume less calories then you expend. You will be nutritionally deficient, yet thin. Ever seen a fat drug addict?

The truth about growing your muscles is you need to take a muscle to utter failure – meaning you can’t even lower a weight down let alone lift it up. Then you need to rest it for 7-10 days and drink plenty of water. That’s it. How do you think all those guys in prison are so big and strong? They aren’t drinking protein shakes and their diet is total shit.

So now that I am getting muscular shoulders and loosing my gut, it’s twat central. Pretty funny. Hell, we look at hot women, you think women don’t look at hot guys?

Here is a video of my favorite bodybuilder, Kai Greene:

Speaking of social networking sites, I have a suspicion G__gle+ will flounder. Why? Because all social networks are based on the idea – admitted to oneself or not, that one will get LAID as a result of being on them. Why were people on myspace? To pick up young, dumb girls. Facebook’s whole ALLURE was that young, SMART girls were up in that club but YOU couldn’t get in because you were TOO OLD. Then our dream came true and EVERYONE was allowed in and people have been surreptitiously hooking up ever since. So now here comes G__gle – years late to the digital gangbang and what do they have to offer? “Circles?” Jesus… sounds like an STD. Of course, if anyone can build a social network sans jailbait, it’s probably G__gle. And, if anyone can show you how to increase sperm count, it’s me!



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