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July 17th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Everyone who works at Berry Park knows I am the semen volume warlord.

So last night I went to Berry Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is my favorite beer garden in Brooklyn. Sure, there are many of them in Williamsburg such as Radegast, Loreley, and Spitzer’s but Berry Park is my favorite as it has the best music and the most fun vibe.

semen volume

I stood around at different places in the bar and whenever women were in my vicinity I opened them. This is called a “proximity play” in the old PUA vernacular. Basically, if a woman is in your space she probably wants you to talk to her. The odds are in your favor in such scenarios, so opening becomes a snap.  Speaking of opening, you know why guys have so much trouble opening?  It’s because of rejection but not in the way you imagine it.  It’s not that the woman will roll her eyes or ignore you or humiliate you, but because the interaction won’t go anywhere. She just isn’t interested – or qualified even.

For example, despite the odds in my favor due to all my proximity plays, I performed miserably. One of the problems I have with picking up women is that I am smart, with an IQ of 146 and most women are not smart enough to converse with me in a meaningful manner.  Conversing is far deeper then words.  If the frequencies between two people are out-of-phase you can just forget it!  It isn’t arrogance for me to say this: smart women desire equally smart or smarter men because woman absolutely cannot stand boredom, and a smart woman is an easily bored woman. Smart women are also super horny, and use sex to “get out of their heads” so it is very easy for a high semen volume man such as myself to solicit them.

For dumb girls (most women), they want men even dumber then they are so they can control them and ultimately bamboozle them into marrying them.

As a result it is rather painful for me to go into a crowded bar as I often feel utterly invisible.  It’s a terrible feeling.

Anyway, so this gang of clucks comes into my space and it’s a bachelorette party. A real gaggle of “B-Listers” and the one getting married is ecstatic in her victory. I made some snide comment about marriage and she attempted to assuage me with a cock-shaped lollipop. I told her: “You just met me and already you are trying to emasculate me? I feel sorry for your husband!” Eventually she gives up trying to sweet-talk me into consuming the phallus-shaped sucker. She then points out which of her friends in her posse are still single to which I reply: “I can see why.” Looks of horror wash over the group and they slink off to some table where they soak in their own misery.  I’m sure the bride-2-be would have wanted her mouth filled with my semen volume as she probably sucked off the strippers at her bachelorette party and they didn’t shoot big enough.

I talked to several other women that night who were visually appealing, but had no appeal on a feeling or energetic level. Much of the population is like this in NYC. On the way home, however, I was riding the #6 train. I spotted a woman with her friend sitting diagonal from where I was standing. I can’t explain it, but she is just so beautiful on her inside as well as her outside, that I start to get an erection. Getting erections in public is awesome, and easy when you produce a lot of semen volume.  I look at her, she looks back – and there is a nice meeting of 2 beings. The energy is flowing back and forth and there is COMMUNICATION. We “see” each other. None of this “WTF are you looking at?” or uncomfortableness with our connection which is so typical in this town.

Moments like that are much more satisfying then sex with a lot of women. It produced a good night of sleep for me.  Before I went to bed I ate some cashew nuts and watched Aletta Ocean in some interview.  She’s really hot, but there is something weird about her – I just can’t put my finger on it. Put intended…



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