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I shouldn’t say that strippers are dumb because they earn thousands of dollars a night in strip clubs which they suck out of even dumber men, but last night I had a date with one that I met online.  She didn’t tell me she was a stripper, but I could tell from a myriad of clues which were confirmed when she showed up to have a drink with me.

She blows up her spot within minutes of sitting down by asking me if I am married or cheating on someone, because she says the last 3 guys she met were all married and cheating – or else separated yet “unavailable” due to their refusal to sign any divorce papers.

She then proceeds to tell me that she thought she would be married by now but her boyfriend left her 2 months ago.  As she is tired of waiting for him to call, she needs to get on with her life.

I informed her that it is no surprise that she meets guys who aren’t really available (i.e. suckers for marriage) because she clearly isn’t.  I said that it sounds like she is in love with this guy and has no business dating anyone else!  When queried, she refused to admit she was still in love with the guy and justified all her nonsense by saying she is not planning to have sex with anyone she meets anyway.  She wants to take it slow, without any pressure to have sex.

Can you believe the audacity of some (most) women? lol

Seriously, if I was going to be used as a “rebound guy” I should at least be getting sex out of the deal, no?   She just couldn’t wrap her mind around how ridiculous she was…  I told her she should write this bullshit on her profile.  She replied, “I don’t want to reveal everything on my profile.”  To which I quickly retorted: “BECAUSE NOBODY WOULD WRITE BACK TO YOU!!!”

Intuiting (too stupid to logically comprehend it) that she was cold-busted, she switched the conversational track in my direction which quickly turned into more interrogations about my suitability to be a sucker in her grand schemes.  It’s quite amusing to watch a 36-year old stripper try and game me.  You should have heard her working to build value while simultaneously suck me into her frame.

My response is humble 60 Method which has never failed me, just like my world-famous penis pills.  She then proceeded to get really into me once I told her I dated strippers and was intimate with the lifestyles of those who work in strip clubs.  You can see that flash in a woman’s eye when you hit those triggers…

She then announces that she has to leave to do some made-up bullshit (false time constraint to block a sexual escalation on my part), gives me her number and ducks out without paying for her drink, nor thanking me for “buying” one for her.   I will attribute this crap behavior to the fact that I probably freaked her out a bit with my strong game.

As I left, this other girl on a date starts giving me such heavy signals to approach that even her dumb date noticed it and got really angry at me.  Why is he not angry at his girl for having no respect for him at all?  Why is he not angry with himself because he commands such disrespect?  But she wasn’t hot enough so I declined to pick her up.

I feel empathy for this stripper though… When a woman is 28-40 she is very hard to deal with: her best years have gone down the toilet in a swirl of dicks, she senses her imminent demise and scrambles to find a suitable workhorse (husband), so dates resemble a job interview where you find yourself the applicant.


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