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February 4th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

The Lamborghini is one of the most famous of the “male big load cars,” but I was losing faith in them.  The Gallardo remains the company’s masterpiece due to its’ smaller size (1o-cylinders) and overall daily drivability – due in all part to the fact that Audi owns Lamborghini and supplies them with Quattro transmissions amongst other things… means that unlike other Italian cars, Lamborghini is not a mechanical piece of shit.  What I’m basically grasping at, is that for the first time in automotive history -  German quality and technology has become paired with Italian design.

While the second child of such a marriage (the Murcielago) suffered a few swats with the ugly stick, Lamborghini has now replaced it with a 12-cylinder wonder that looks better then anything those Italians have ever designed – even the legendary Countach that put the company on the map.  Here it is:

Wow! What an amazing looking car! There are so many supercars out there thee days that the word supercar almost has no meaning. Technically, I don’t even think any Lamborghinis really qualify as supercars any more with offerings like the Hennessey Venom and beasts like that available for the open market. But a Lamborghini still has that classic brand that other companies lack.


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