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February 28th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

One of my friends just alerted me to the fact a new daygame course is about to hit, which means that it is time to get out your PUA Spray because pretty soon the streets of major urban areas will be crawling with PUAs saying dumb shit to girls.  Given that it is now the era of daygame, it will be a lot harder to spot PUAs until after they’ve delivered their openers.  I think the PUA industry had 3 eras so far:

1.Club Game – symbolized by peacocking.

2.Inner Game – symbolized by some idiot tapping himself in an EFT rhythm.

3.Day Game – symbolized by some guy getting kicked out of Whole Foods.

Nobody ever stops to realize that maybe they just need to increase sperm and start talking to girls about whatever.  You know, if a woman is interested in you she will talk back.  You talk for a while, and eventually you make physical contact.  Over time the contact increases.  Maybe it leads to sex that day, and maybe it leads to her wanting to see you on another day where the same two choices repeat themselves.  Just get out there and do it guys!  You can’t meet girls if you don’t open your mouth!



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