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February 29th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Check out this video of Prince. What an impressive video demonstrating confidence, seductiveness, and sheer virility.  I don’t know much about Prince, other then he’s 5’2″ and has probably fucked more hot girls then anyone and every girl is in love with him.  He is the seductive persona known as a “dandy” and really lives up to it.  He also doesn’t seem to age at all.  What is he in his 50′s and he looks 21 still!  Amazing!  He must be some magical elf or something.

Plus, he’s beyond rockstar – as it is possible he is the most talented artist out there in the music industry.  I am not saying this because I am some huge fan, I just recognize what he is.  In truth I probably only know a few of his songs, and am more familiar with some of the acts he produced like Sheila E and Vanity.

Speaking of Vanity, that was one of those girls that only comes around once in a generation – if that!  Talk about a woman who would inspire an extreme ejaculation on my part…  Not any more of course, as she is some born-again Christian, fat, and looks completely different.  But back when she was younger – WOW!  Pure sexuality just radiated from that woman.



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