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Taking cum pills is one way to increase libido, but a far better method is to understand the real energy dynamics between a healthy man and woman that is free from “armor.”

Here is a diagram I created that explains it from #3 (see below) onwards:









Basically, if you are talking to a woman in a bar, or dancing with her in a tango class, the underlying energy dynamics go like this…

1.A man’s heart is like a “pussy” in the sense that it is his vulnerable spot (despite every cultural lie to the contrary).  If he is very brave and has an open heart despite said vulnerability, it sends out a signal that the female heart (which is her “cock” in the sense that it is her masculine polarity) picks up on and gets aroused by.

2.Her heart starts to heat up in the same way your cock would when it gets an erection.  The heat from her heart travels downwards and warms up her pussy preparing it for penetration.  Her pussy starts to send out an energy that arouses the man’s cock, in the same manner that the man’s heart energy aroused her own heart.

3.The man picks up on the pussy energy and allows himself to be totally present in his arousal.  He places his cock into her pussy and sends his electrical essence into her.

4.The woman surrenders in her pussy (her vulnerable spot) because she is as brave as the man (cowardice in one’s vulnerable area is the #1 reason relationships fail) – taking the risk of allowing herself to be programmed by whatever energy the man possesses.   She knows that she can be destroyed via her pussy (this is how pimps turn a woman out) yet is willing to risk it for this man whose heart has inspired her.

5.As she goes into an endless orgasmic wave, she takes the man’s electrical energy from her pussy and converts it into magnetic energy in her heart.  When this magnetic energy builds up to a sufficient degree, she takes her heart (her positive pole) and penetrates the man’s heart (his pussy, energetically-speaking).  Now the process is complete but the flow can keep running on its’ own into deeper levels of experience.

In this manner, the man gets to finally experience himself.  The reason men look for sex all the time, is because unknown to their conscious awareness, they are searching for this experience of being penetrated by the woman’s heart.  It is only through a woman that they can directly experience their own power.  Without this experience, a man slowly withers and dies, never knowing how powerful he truly is.  It’s like the sun, thinking it is nothing because it throws its’ power into empty space.  Only be creating life on a planet can it know itself in all its’ glory.  Man is the same way.

There are two inter-related problems that can happen here.  The first is that armor is in the way at many points along this process.  The second is that people get scared along the way.  For a very crude example, I was dancing the other day in tango class and this process began to happen between myself and one of the girl’s I was dancing with.  She began to get uncomfortable and wanted to separate.  LOL!

One of my late teachers used to say that people are allergic to energy.  A lot of truth in that statement!



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