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Since we are all out there taking male enhancement pills these days and combining pharmaceutical solutions with herbal ones, allow me  to share some tips for using Dapoxetine.  I am not a doctor and not giving medical advise, simply sharing my personal usage experiments with the public.  Some of this tips are potentially dangerous, so do not attempt to replicate these tips without consulting with your doctor first!

Besides being able to cum big loads it is important to last long in bed for the enjoyment of both you are your partner.  You here about all these exercises like tensing the pc muscles to stop yourself from cumming too fast, but unless your serotonin levels are high enough, this will always be a challenge for most – to have the staying power of some porn stars.  Enter Dapoxetine – the short-term, fast-acting SSRI designed specifically to give you staying power.  It’s available on the internet in generic form cheaply and works wonders.

But for some, their serotonin levels are such that even Dapoxetine doesn’t deliver the perfect results it delivers to most.  The solution is to take 50mg of 5-HTP along with Dapoxetine.  5-HTP is a pre-cursor to serotonin so by stacking these two items, you can get your serotonin levels high enough to achieve the desired result.  WARNING: mixing 5-HTP  (or L-Tryptophan) with any SSRI is forbidden because it is potentially dangerous.  Do not attempt to replicate this tip without consulting with your doctor first!



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