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One of my friends I went to high school with is doing a long sentence in a state prison. Naturally, he subscribes to a lot of pornography magazines. All these magazines have to get past the prison censorship committee or whatever it is called.

When they refuse to allow a magazine into the prison, they either destroy it (yeah right they probably take it home to jerk off with) or else they mail it out to someone on the outside that the inmate designates. So, my friend has them send the rejected stuff to me.

They reject a lot of stuff. When he complains, they tell him that it is due to sadomasochistic content. But, when I look through the rejected content, it is usually due to sexual comics or artwork in the magazine that depicts sexual violence perpetrated by inmates on female staff. It makes a lot of sense that they wouldn’t want these sorts of seeds planted in the minds of inmates.

The two magazines I keep getting are “Fox” and “Buttman.” Buttman is awesome and I always go through it so naturally I find the objectionable material. Fox is such a boring piece of shit you don’t even notice that it is hardcore. Consequently, I don’t find any objectionable material in it at all – aside from the fact that it is boring as fuck all.

But what’s really interesting is apparently the prison allows gay porn no problem. Which is fucked up because I would imagine it encourages violence against other inmates. I mean, I cannot imagine gay porn preventing prison rapes.  Then again, prison authorities are often fucked up and get a kick out of inmate-on-inmate violence and even encourage it when they are not perpetrating assaults on inmates themselves.  There is this really cool organization I support that used to be called Stop Prisoner Rape but they change their name to a much softer Just Detention International.

They are a really cool organization because obviously getting sexually assaulted by staff or other inmates should not be part of every prison sentence – let alone a temporary stay in jail.

It used to be that prison authorities put shit in the drinking water to prevent better erections starting with the Soviets who put fluoride in the drinking water.  Think about that the next time you buy toothpaste and mouthwash that is full of fluoride.

I’ll let you in on a secret the dental establishment doesn’t want you to know: fluoride doesn’t strengthen teeth in amounts higher then a miniscule amount.  Higher amounts of fluoride – like what we ingest on a daily basis, actually destroys your teeth through a process called dental fluorosis and consequently makes dentists a ton of money when they are called in to fix your busted up teeth via fillings and root canals  – many of which are poorly done in order to accelerate you down the path of decay to the real dental cash cow, which is dental implants.  Many dentists are so eager to get you to that place, they will lie and say you have cavities when you don’t, just so they can improperly drill them out and speed you towards the next stop on the train – root canals!  You should increase sperm in their mouth!



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