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April 18th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Even if you don’t take male enhancement pills, you can still sack up and not put up with dumb shit from girls.  One of my friends just went to see his ex-wife and pass her some old divorce papers, and she sat there at dinner afterwards and texted on her phone and chatted with her friends.  My friend is an amazing guy, and doesn’t deserve this sort of treatment!  But that is how it often is, and according to him, she did this back a decade ago when they were dating as well.  To quote the very first seduction guru I ever encountered, Doc Love, the most important quality in a woman is her interest level. For all the idiots out there, it basically means that the best dog is the one that loves you.  A woman with high interest level doesn’t sit there and text some bullshit to her dingbat friends.  A woman with a high interest level swallows.  Pimps can only work their magic on girls with a high interest level.  I love Doc Love because he basically cuts to the chase.  Nobody likes his system because his close ratio is too low.  This is because unless you are just sooooo amazing, most girls are not going to be interested enough in you.  The ego of a man doesn’t want to face this.  So Guys prefer a challenge instead of being one themselves.  So they become PUAs in an attempt to fuck this girl or that one.  But fucking a girl ain’t shit.  It’s really a low level of compliance, and higher levels of compliance can only be obtained from women with a high enough interest level and you can’t game that kinda’ of interest level out of her.  Sometimes it is of great help to review the basics, and the stuff nobody wants to deal with.



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