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One of the problems in this town is that women work themselves to death.   If a woman wants to increase libido for herself, she can’t be working.  She needs to be taken care of by some man so she can have the space and time to cultivate her feminine energy.

Women who compete against men in the work-world inevitably become men in order to do so.  Breaking down in tears in a boardroom won’t help any woman’s career.  Problem is they repress their womanly side long enough and they have a lot of trouble getting it back.  No man wants to date another man, even if said man has a pussy. ;)

This phenomenon gets worse-and-worse as time goes forward.  You used to be able to avoid these crazy women by targeting women who are still in school, but now the emphasis is on studying.  It’s always study, study, study – which is pointless unless you are shooting to graduate from Harvard or Stanford, MIT or CalTech.  All other schools are worthless for the most part.  If you can’t get into the aforementioned institutions, just go to the University of Arizona and fuck your brains out for 4 years.  That’s my advice on higher education unless you want to be a doctor or dentist in which case enroll in one of your local state schools to save money.  You don’t get education in school, you just get brainwashed so school should either be giving  you serious contacts and respect, or else just a source for free pussy (or cock if you are a woman).

But I digress… My point is that both men and women are taught by society to hate the feminine side of themselves.  “Feminine” is not a code-word for “faggotry,” BTW… The feminine is passion, lust, violence – all those crazy things.  The masculine is self-awareness, observation, thinking, planning, discipline…  So when the feminine is hated, women end up hating themselves and turn themselves into men.  The men are also guilty, and turn into brittle beings who also dodge anything that invokes feeling.  Everybody distrusts the opposite sex, when in fact everyone just distrusts themselves.  If they were in touch with their feminine side they would realize that a broken heart is nothing.






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