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Anyway, last night on Facebook I was jousting with a female friend, and decided this would make 1 in that series of blog posts I promised on real reasons to be down on women, unlike all those lame PUAs who are down on women BECAUSE THEY LIKE SEX.  LOL WUT?

Anyway, I met this woman at a party twice and she is sweet.  I mean, she is a good person and seems to have had a hard life so I want to be clear that I have no misogynistic malice towards her, yet sometimes I enjoy smacking her up with a bit of game for my own amusement.

I’ve heavily photoshopped our exchange to protect her identity as well as all the toolish orbiters involved, but will say that I think it is relevant that she is a divorcee with more then 1 small child in her custody.

The “child(ren) in her custody” makes her utterly undateable according to the wisdom of the great Tom Leykis, yet she is probably still a good fuck for men with little experience as long as they use a condom to catch their ejaculate.

Another positive thing I will say about her is that she has resolve and tenacity that I rarely see in women, and I have a lot of respect for that.

Anyways… she posted some nonsense about some PUA who approached her and asked for her number.  She used the lame-ass line: “I don’t give out my number” and apparently he got rude.  I can empathize with him, although in theory he should not be rude.  However, I like to “let women have it” sometimes because, quite frankly, they usually deserve it. ;)

She often posts value-spiking garbage to raise her ever-declining value (a fitness model about to hit the wall with children) such as “Today I had to unfriend 37 guys who just don’t get that I am not attracted to them” or “Why do these cocky men think they can just pick me up in the street.”  it’s laughable and sad at the same time.  Seriously guys, you can learn quite a bit about game from women themselves.

So without further ado…































Here you can see the twists of the female mind at work.  Basically, no matter how much she contorts herself, she proves my point: she defaulted into a dishonest mode of female game.  What would have been so hard about telling the PUA, “You are handsome and confident but I’m afraid we just don’t vibe.  Besides, I’m involved with someone else.”  Nope.  Much better to abuse him for his confidence and run games to increase your sense of value.  Then when he gets rude, you wonder why?

All this talk of intuition, instinct, feelings and vibes, yet why are you divorced and now in such a disastrous financial and social predicament?

Contrast her fantasy of being effectively “primal” with the reality of her obsession to be in control as the foundation for her lifelong rule to never give out her number! LOL!

There are other nuances here, but I’d rather point out the pathetic orbiters that are all over facebook kissing her ass.  Facebook shows very clearly just how many delusion men with zero game are running around thinking that if they kiss a woman’s ass they will get some pussy.



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