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November 4th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

One of my friends told me to set up a profile on Tagged which on first glance appears to be a real ghetto social networking site in the sense that it appears lower on the totem pole of social networking sites then MySpace!  But he swears you can hook up like crazy on it, so I set up a profile and paid someone to write me a robot that requests friends for me based on criteria I select because I have no time to do it manually.  So anyway, some girl was browsing my profile and I got this message from the system that she likes me – probably because my profile pictures display such incredible virility.  So I said, “What is this?” and went to check it out.  Apparently there is this feature on Tagged where you can browse pics and if you like the person you click and they get a notification that you like them.

It’s pretty cool so I went through like 200 profile pictures really fast – spending no more then 3 seconds on any picture and making a snap decision.  I wanted to see if there is any method to my madness.  It didn’t seem so as I was performing this experiment, but when I was done I clicked on a screen where I could see all the girls I picked.  A pattern began to quickly emerge to my surprise.  Let’s see if you can see what it is:

These girls are all different races and ages, yet they all have the same face in the sense that they all share the same facial geometry.  Second to that, they all have the same sort of playful sexual energy.  Finally – although it is hard to tell from the images, they pretty much share the same sort of body as well, which sport ample and natural breasts juxtaposed against a tiny waist.

On another note, I was asked by a woman today what I though about the notion that humans aren’t meant to mate for life and that human beings are meant to be polyamorous.  I replied that human beings have a mammalian brain which makes them want to fuck everyone in sight, and then they have a reptilian brain which makes them want to be exclusive at the same time.  So the human being is fundamentally schizophrenic!

Aboriginal cultures seemed to have a working solution for the schizm though… children and young adults had freedom to have sex with whomever they wanted, as much as they wanted.  Once everyone in the tribe had fucked everyone else and all the lust was satiated, then people paired up with each other based on what they felt in their hearts as opposed to their genitals.  This way, bonding was based on love and not unfulfilled lust.  In today’s world, guys marry women just because they give good head.  This is retarded but a symptom of a sexually starving society.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to come up with a working solution for this schizm in today’s society.  You just have to take your massive load pills and go for yours!



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