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October 15th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

It’s Friday night and I need to go out because I am super horny.  As usual.  One of my friends told me a story that he went out to work on his laptop in a bar.  The shot girl came around and pestered him to buy a shot.  He said, “Why don’t I buy you one because I hate shots and you look bored.”  She replied that she wasn’t allowed to drink them, but pulled over a hottie and said “Why not buy her one.”  So my friend said “Sure, whatever” and went back to typing on his lappy.  So the hot girl pulls over her ugly-ass friend and says “You have to buy her one too!”

Needless to say my friend was soooo insulted that they would view him as such a tool he said “Buy her a drink?  I’d buy her fat ass a gym membership but she’d still be ugly so there is no point.  Why are you hanging out with such a gross chick? Don’t you have any self esteem?”  At this point the fat, unattractive girl started to cry.  I am sure she will never enjoy herself in a bar again, ever.

No difference either way!

Now some people would say this is extremely mean and cruel.  It is.  But have you ever wondered how cruel it is for women to treat a man like he has no value as a sexual being and just a drink buying machine?  It’s really the  same fucking thing.  Those two girls called my friend the equivalent of “fat and ugly.”

It’s the same with “abusive relationships.”  The man is always made to look like a monster because he hits his wife.  NOBODY ever looks at the psychological “hits” she does to him over-and-over.  He usually has no way to defend himself except by hitting.  Naturally, there are tons of abusive relationships where the woman hits the man with a frying pan and shit like that.  But you never hear about that now, do you?

The bottom line is that there are no victims in these sorts of situations.  Nobody is holding a gun to your fucking head and making you stay in the relationship.  These people choose to stay with each other and explore the wonders of verbal and physical abuse.  So why are men so persecuted by the law in these sorts of situations?  It’s just crazy.

I was back in the gym today training my back.  Doing heavy seated cable rows, negative pull-ups with weights strapped to me.  Also EZ Curlz for my biceps and stuff.  Lifting heavy always makes me super horny later on.  It’s because lifting heavy makes the testosterone come up in response to the environmental stressor of having to lift heavy weights and it also will enhance sperm production.  My gym is $19.99 a month which can’t be beat.  Only problem is there aren’t a lot of hot girls there.  I believe Equinox probably has the hottest girls – or so I have heard.  It seems every time I ask a hottie where she works out she says “Equinox.”  At least in New York.  I am not sure about LA.



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