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There is some razor company that is advertising some contest or study or some shit on the TV to determine if women prefer kissing guys with stubble or guys who are clean shaven:

“Research shows that people are kissing less than ever and that 66 percent of women have avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair.”

Logically you would assume from this statement that people are kissing less than ever because of facial hair, yes?

Well if you think that you should go back to school and take a course in logic.  I think Sequential I mathematics from freshman year of HS covers this sort of thing…

People kissing less than ever is a separate fact from the fact that 66 percent of women have avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair!

As the title of this post suggests, women enjoy kissing men who are clean shaven, but they enjoy fucking men with stubble.  Far better to be a fucker than a kisser – especially given the fact that people are kissing less than ever these days, and it is much easier to get kisses (affection) from a woman after you have fucked her really good.

But why are people kissing less than ever?

For the same reason that hookers don’t kiss their customers!

It’s also intimate and since intimacy scares the younger generation… these days you have a better chance getting some young broad to suck you off in a lounge bathroom than engage her in a long make-out session.

When I was growing up it was normal to start with kissing and then move onto sex, and not just pull your cock out and tell some woman to suck it.  Personally, I love making out with women and find the excision of intimacy gross, but that is just me…

Since you have to roll with the times, my advice is to take the stubble route and not the metrosexual route.  Since clean-shaves don’t lead to kisses anyway, they just make you into an asexual tool.



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