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November 30th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I think this article in the Daily Mail is very interesting because it illustrates how women basically live to collect the ejaculate of the right males as much as males want to give it to them.  For those who don’t want to click on the link, the article is about all these hideous British chicks (most British chicks are beaten with the ugly stick in the delivery room) who run through the streets of working-class (poor punter) neighborhoods on winter nights looking like streetwalkers so that they can get “male attention.”

The article then goes on to rail against how “porn culture” and “media” (i.e., the internet) has convinced women that their only value is as a sex object – along with all this other shit that my brain tunes out because it has not only heard it all before, but because it is flat-out wrong.

The reason this world-wide behavior is so out-of-control in England specifically is because the women, as I have stated earlier, look like shit warmed over.

In the old days there were only a limited number of beautiful women in any community save for, say… Eastern Europe or Asia.  So men were only exposed to a certain amount of beauty in their lives and could easily block it out while settling for some bangers-and-mash for the rest of their lives.

But today, “modern technology” (i.e. internet, PDAs) has created an environment where men can see that there are TONS of beautiful woman spread out over the globe and many of them in fact do ass-to-mouth. ;)

This shines a most unflattering light on all the ugly girls out there (the majority in places like England), who are then forced to hyper-compete against all the girls the men in their vicinity are experiencing on-line.

So, when women say they are uncomfortable with exposing so much skin and being so sexual it is only because they are so ugly.

On the flip side, all the men interviewed in this article who say that they would only use these women to increase semen production for the night – and that they are unfit for a long-term relationship… Well, it is not because of the way they dress, but only because they aren’t beautiful enough for a long-term relationship.

In Eastern Europe and Asia, where beauty is more common, girls have been dressing like whores for years.  It’s about time the rest of the world caught up.



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