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I was watching this episode of Current TV/Vanguard the other day on cable.  Below is a teaser from the episode:

Of course, Vanguard or Current or whatever it is called is owned by Chief Asshole Al Gore and has an incredible liberal, anti-US slant to it.

In this episode, they show you how millions of guns are “trafficked” into Mexico to supply drug cartels who then shoot the shit out of each other. The solution? Take away the right of Americans to own guns!


The problem is not that I can go buy an assault weapon at a Texas gun show with zero paperwork and sell it in the parking lot to some Mexican cartel member who will walk across the border with it! The problem is that THERE IS NO FUCKING BORDER so Mexican drug cartel members can spew over the border and return with guns!!!

The US/Mexican border is a fucking joke: I walked back across from Tijuana into Cali one day and there is a line that stretches for MILES and is there EVERY SINGLE DAY filled with Mexicans streaming through the border checkpoints. That’s correct. They aren’t sneaking across the desert. THEY ARE STREAMING RIGHT THROUGH THE CHECK POINT!!! None of the border guards check IDs with any consistent attention. Naturally, when I crossed, they immediately treated me like a drug smuggler and harassed me. A bona fide American citizen! But all these illegals and guest workers they don’t give a shit about.

But as KRS-One used to say, “Ask yourself homeboy – why is that?”

Seriously, North Korea has maintained a wall for decades, East Germany did it for just as long, and Israel just started doing it. Walls work! Do you really mean to say that America can’t build a similar installation spanning our southern border and keep all the drugs and guns in their respective places? Of course we can!

But why don’t we?

The answer is very disturbing, and you will hear it nowhere else… Every year, around 60,000 women and children are trafficked anonymously into the United States to be sold as sexual slaves. You can check the FBI crime statistics if you doubt me, or you can visit my friends over at BSCC and they will tell you all about it.

Now who do you think is able to purchase sex slaves, house and maintain them – while not getting in trouble? Only the elite of our society, who incidentally make all the fucking laws. They sure as shit don’t want their ability to satisfy themselves sexually taken away by walling up our southern borders!

Just imagine if someone took away all your internet porn!

Remember, these fuckers LIVES are your internet porn. They’ve got some 20 year-old hot Russian chick with no papers who has been kidnapped, pre-trained to service a man sexually, whom they OWN! Why do you think they don’t care if feminism and the criminalization of prostitution destroy your ability to get satisfaction for your lower chakras?

THEY find their needs totally taken care of! You think what you see in episodes of Spartacus doesn’t go on TODAY in real life? Wouldn’t it be nice to get up from your tasks at the PC, go down to your guest house, drop a load in a young Ukrainian’s ass, and return to work? You think you would be anything less then productive and happy in your life?

Some food for thought!


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