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April 4th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Today I was walking down the street and beheld a horrible sight.  I came up from behind and took a picture, even though I as sick to my stomach and could barely hold the camera steady as I was dizzy with nausea.











Just look at this beta herb: he is walking slightly behind his girl and her hand is on top of his!  If anyone needs male enhancement, he does!  I really don’t know how things got to this point, but I am seeing more-and-more of this sort of stuff.  Guys, this is NOT the way to go about things.  Your woman should be slightly behind you, with her hand under yours – just reverse everything in that photo!  Also, if you want to exercise your pimp hand, you should have your girl always looking down when other men approach.  But that is too much for most guys so just reverse everything you see in this photo.  Watch an entire season of “Dog Whisperer” and walk a dog a couple times and you will have the idea of the way things should be.  Did I just refer to women as dogs?  Yes I did! lol

The whole name of the game in relationships is compliance.  First, the woman has to fucking like you enough to be 100% compliant with respect to all that you ask for.  If she doesn’t comply, chances are she just doesn’t like you enough.  So walk away.  Why would you spend 1 minute with a woman who is not going to give you everything you require as a man?



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