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August 19th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Rick Perry has thrown in his half-baked attempt to be president.  Which is ludicrous because the guy had a vasectomy which is like the court eunuch running for emperor.  There are two types of men who get vasectomies:

1. Guys who get them so they can fuck endless women and never worry about getting them pregnant.  Guys who do this LIE about the operation because they know that women secretly want to get pregnant, and have no use for a man who cannot get them pregnant.  Furthermore, women view guys who don’t have huge ejaculation as lacking virility.

2. Guys who got one because their wives told them to mutilate themselves as they were too lazy to take birth control pills or secretly plan to have babies with a REAL man at some point in the future.  Cutting up your junk because a bitch tells you to do so is even more emasculating then shooting blanks.

As if trying to compensate for his lost manhood, Rick Perry boasts about packing a pistol with a laser sight.  Anyone who can shoot knows a laser sight on a pistol is for people who can’t shoot.  On a weapon with a stock is is okay, but on a pistol it is a waste since you still need perfect trigger control or it serves no purpose.

Looking at his picture, I conclude Rick Perry would have had a better career as a circus-tent preacher fucking little boys on the sly.



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