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April 20th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

My friend posted this hilarious video on Facebook:

If you forget about the racial component of this video, it speaks a ton of truth because this problem is relevant to all racial groups.

Women do in fact throw away the best years of their lives on a certain type of man, and then when their looks start to fade, suddenly they start looking around for suckers to play. Since most men are, in fact… suckers, it is pretty easy for a lot of them to get over in this fashion.

But what can men learn from this? Female biology is wired to go for the “alpha male” but being “alpha” is much more than looks, money, penis size or how physically strong you are. Mind you, all those things are very important, but how many guys are there with these sorts of attributes who aren’t getting all the girls? Being “alpha” is much more, and one of the problems in the PUA world is that nobody has really defined what it is yet. Is it “cocky/funny?” Is it being “a challenge?” It is, but it is much, much more… isn’t it? Thugs have it. Bikers have it. Is it confidence? Not really. Arrogance? Not exactly.

Cindy Lauper said it best back in the 80s when she crooned: “Girls just wanna’ have fun.”



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