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I just finished this book because I was curious what women were diddling themselves over. Men find this book shocking not because women like to be dominated and abused (what else is new?), but because this book reveals that women fantasize about the most unrealistic, fundamentally schizophrenic, half-stepping nonsense imaginable. No wonder it is such a hit with Manhattan females!

Be aware that I am criticizing the emotional aspects of the book, as the sexual aspects aren’t worth mentioning… I mean, every sex scene is identical: Christian smacks around Anastasia, then cums in 30 seconds but it is okay because Anastasia cums in 20 – and is utterly satisfied! This was written by a woman??? The author seems to be unaware that she parades her complete lack of real-world experience throughout the book – she has a dilettante’s grasp of the world of S&M, and no understanding of her own body.

On an emotional level the book is the female equivalent of a “Captain Save-A-Ho” fantasy. It’s as ludicrous as a book written about a guy who saves a stripper, heals her emotional wounds, and creates a functional relationship with her. Luckily only a small percentage of men fall prey to this sort of indulgence (yet enough to make many a stripper rich), but judging from the popularity of this book, it would seem that the majority of women are utter suckers – which is sad on one hand, but gold on the other because it proves once and for all what many men figured out a long time ago: all you have to do is show some vulnerable and damaged side of yourself and frame it against a soft and chewy center… and then you can hook women into doing anything and everything in the bedroom in order to get to that soft and chewy center! They’ll even let you tie them up and beat them! Naturally, it helps if you are also tall, freakishly handsome, a billionaire, and fly the bitch around in your private helicopter, and take care of her every need! lol

But this is all just FANTASY, right? ;) Not! This is how women write off their insanity and irresponsibility, much like decrying “It just happened!” when they are discovered on their knees in a bathroom, drunkenly sucking off a train of men. What you fantasize about is what you actually do, or else try to do – unless you are sexually repressed or incapable of acting on it because you are not attractive enough or confident enough or whatever… but once again my complaint with the book is not a sexual one, it is an emotional one.

The difference between men and women is that if a man wrote a book like this with the roles reversed, every man reading it would cringe in shame and horror (especially if they themselves had been guilty of such behavior), yet women just pull out their vibrators and get to work. LOLZ It isn’t that men don’t feel things, they simply possess self-awareness. Yes, I know it ruins the fun of FEELING THINGS, but it also gives them the ability to not repeat the same mistakes over-and-over. At least in theory… :)



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