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December 22nd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

…well look out! I have been taking my latest tongkat ali product for some time now and I can feel the fires of manly rage welling  up inside me all of the time.    I feel like buying one of these…

…and running around all medieval “Gangs of New York” in this town.  That’s one of the things when you raise testosterone – you get easily angry and volcano-like.  The other day was the peak of my 5/3/1 bench cycle and after that I partially tore a locker door off in the locker room.  So when you already have a volume increase and then you add on the “T” shit is just insane.  Endless confidence.  It’s pretty awesome.

When I am done with this blog post I will go to my favorite Indian restaurant and have some lamb-stuffed naan and some delicious yogurt-marinated chicken.  Then it’s off to Trader Joe’s to buy some stuff and maybe do some pick up but I usually don’t find anyone attractive at Trader Joe’s.  I wonder why that is?    It’s not like I would run into Nessa Devil shopping for chips and be able to break her ass like I saw in a Rocco film the other day.  :(



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