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Today we will look at the second energetic problem facing this planet after money, and that is the problem around sexuality.  Sex and money are both forms of energy, but money is stored energy, whereas sexual energy is dynamic.

The energies of sex and money are closely tied up with one another.  Why do men pursue money?  To pay for pussy, one way or another. Economic pressures – specifically the need to work for a living, force women into becoming prostitutes.  They marry guys they don’t love, they date guys based on future earning potential, or simply walk the streets sucking dick for bucks in the middle of winter.    They can also get themselves a reality show after releasing a home-made sex tape.  It really don’t matter.

So providing a guaranteed basic income will take this survival pressure off women, and allow them to relate to men on the basis of how the guy makes them feel, how good he fucks them, and ultimately – out of love.  Nothing is worse for love then fear, and the fear of not surviving financially puts an end to love like nothing else.

But the fear of not surviving does more then quash love, it also quashes orgasm, and orgasm is where the real power in sexual energy is found.  Seriously, how many times have you seen a woman cum in porn?  Sure, once in a while you will see a porn star have a few uterine contractions.  But you’ll never see a real orgasm at all.

This is because fear produces what Wilhelm Reich called “character armor” which is basically the body “locking” itself into specific internal and external shapes in order to stop the free flow of energy and perception, and destroying male potency as well as female – in terms of the orgastic potency, that is.  It does this by taking trace minerals, and mixing them into the body’s tissues to literally create armor and hold a tension pattern in place.  Since orgasm is a wave – much like sound, can you imagine the sound a trumpet would make if you dented it up and twisted it into a knot?

It is in this manner that a human being is prevented from manifesting its’ innate loving and orgasmic abilities.

But the sexual energy doesn’t just disappear, just because it is repressed or cannot be converted into orgasm – despite the levels of semen volume that one may boast about.

The human being is like a hologram, and if part of the energy behind the hologram cannot manifest itself into the visual spectrum… the question becomes:

What happens to that part?  Where does all that unmanifested sexual/orgasmic energy go?  We will take a look at that tomorrow.

For now we need to look at the ways in which society begins the process of armoring up their children.  It starts in the delivery room, by giving the mom drugs to make the pregnancy smoother, by doing caesarian sections, and generally pretending that a human being’s birth is not the most important moment of its’ life.

It continues when society decides that mutilating a male child’s sexual organs – via the procedure known as circumcision, is something other then a form of mutilation that forever binds sex with violence in the male infant’s psyche.  You ever wonder why we produce the finest guns, planes, and bombs?  It’s because our sexual and creative energies are bonded to violence from birth.  Take a look at the photos at this link:


The only solution is to program human beings (from the delivery room onwards) for peace as opposed to war – for love and orgasm as opposed to fear and contraction.



Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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