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The other day I was strolling about the streets of Manhattan – or perhaps rushing about on my way to a tango class, and I was thinking about what is really wrong with this planet and how to change it.  Like the day before I had started chatting with a lady at my gym who was using the selectorized abdominal crunch machine next to me and she was like “Wow.  You talked to me.  Nobody talks to anyone at the gym anymore.”  I told her that I hardly see anybody going home with anybody else at the end of the night at the local Murray Hill drinking holes anymore either.

No matter how much you increase sperm count in this town, shit is fucked.  Now as KRS-ONE used to rap, “Ask yourself… Why is that?”

The first problem facing this planet has to do with money.  There is this movement that was started in Germany by some German billionaire called the “Basic Income Movement.”  Here is a link to one of the many websites on the topic:


The essence of this brilliant new paradigm is this:

1.As the world population continues to grow unchecked… governments continue to find themselves confronted with the problem of creating jobs, as well as expanding the money supply, in order to accommodate the needs of said population.

2.While figuring out what to do with an ever-expanding population has always been a problem (often solved via war, conquest and pestilence) for any sort of government – at any time in history prior to the industrial revolution, during the industrial revolution the excess population simply moved itself into cities to work in factories.  How convenient!  For the first time, jobs became the easiest way to keep the expanding population of plebes from rising up and killing their masters.  Interestingly, it was during this time that the idea of creating money out of debt came into existence.  While such a notion seems insane today, resulting in hyper-inflation and the destruction of the environment in the pursuit of endless growth (in order to make the interest payments on the money-debt)… at the time of its’ conception, it was an absolutely brilliant solution to the problems at hand and not some “conspiracy” by international bankers.

3.The rub is that we are no longer in the industrial revolution!  Technology has advanced so much – specifically with respect to automation, that most of the population no longer needs to work at all to get their needs met.  All necessities (and most luxuries) could be easily produced by the small percentage of the population that would be necessary to design, operate and maintain our present productive capacity.

What we have to realize in order to wake up to the reality that we are beating a dead horse with our current economic system, is to take a look at the consequences of operating an industrial-age economic system inside of an automation-age:

1.Since we continue to print money as debt, and we are already at maximum productive capacity, the excess “money” finds its’ way into the hands of speculators, corporate gangsters, and government crooks who blast one huge ejaculation onto the faces of everybody slaving beneath them to keep up with the depreciation of their hard-earned money brought about by inflation. You see this in Manhattan most clearly, as someone who actually works and produces goods and services for a living is forced to financially compete against investment bankers with multi-million dollar bonuses in the housing market, and at the supermarket.  The result?  A 1-bedroom apartment in a walk-up will run you $3000/month.  A steak in Grand Central Market will cost you $30/lb.   A commercial landlord will leave his store vacant for years until he secures the coveted corporate tenant because it’s the only way he can afford to pay the exorbitant taxes New York State extracts from landlords to pay the monster retirement packages of  government employees.

2.The vices of greed, control and arrogance that plague those at the top of the societal pyramid, combined with the fear of being unable to survive – that plagues those beneath them, rots society at the core on both a moral and physical level.  Morally, the need to keep up with hyper-inflation and maintain social status prompts people to cheat, steal and whore all over the place – while physically the stress of being out-of-integrity as one lies and pretends one is something they are not – in order to justify one’s pointless job under the threat of being fired at any given  moment by someone who holds an equally pointless position above you, destroys people’s physical and mental health on all levels of the social strata.

The solution to this requires us to realize that most people don’t need to work in order for everybody to get their needs met, and that the only reason we pursue endless growth is to keep up with the interest payments on a debt – that we are told is money!

Society needs to focus on 100% automation, and developing technology to free people from work forever, as opposed to developing technology to build bigger and better guns.  With all the money spent on weapons and wars, we could easily pay every person on the planet a guaranteed basic income, and provide them with housing and medical care – for life!

So why doesn’t this happen?

Tomorrow we will look at the second problem facing this planet.  It has to do with sex.  Sex, like money – is a form of energy.   Tomorrow we will look at how and why this energy is mis-managed as badly as the energy of money is mis-managed.



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