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February 9th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

I watched Beyonce’s superbowl half-time show and saw a really high-energy performance that was totally lacking in heart.  She’s talented, but much like Mariah Carey, I never feel a damn thing when I hear her sing.

But it appears that the camera can catch moments you probably weren’t meant to see, and a whole slew of photos revealing Beyonce’s ugly, masculine nature turned up.  I will say I did notice that at certain moments in her live performance, her “Sasha Fierce” alter-ego seemed to really be somewhat “demonic.”  But these moments only lasted a split-second, and could only be caught and ruminated over by a still shot.

Since Beyonce’s camp were no doubt freaked out by this “reveal,” they asked that the pictures be removed from the internet.  Naturally, this is stupid as hell and has launched a shit-wave of memes in retaliation.  My favorite of them is this one:

You know, Beyonce is normally a very attractive woman.  I don’t find her very sexual at all, but she is rather attractive.  Especially since she has gotten some plastic surgery to really refine her facial features.  But what the fuck is up with these gross pictures when she is performing?  It’s really like she is channeling something, is it not?

Of course the internetz is full of rumors for years that she and Jay-Z are illuminists and that her baby is the daughter of the devil and all this sort of thing.  I would be inclined to laugh it off, except for the fact that when she gave birth people from the industry were showing up with jewel-encrusted bathtubs and gold rocking-horses or some shit – that sounds to me like they are bringing gifts for Satan! lol

But this is not my real concern.  I don’t give a damn if her baby is the devil’s daughter.

What is my real concern is the utter masculinization of women in our culture, and it is only getting worse.  It is very true indeed that “we haven’t even seen her final form.”   I believe that in recent weeks we’ve reached critical mass in the gender war, which is a war on the feminine.  I can see such radical shifts all around me (including the new law that allows women in combat roles), and I believe that the war has been lost.

To give my favorite court-jester Henry Makow credit where it is due (I only disagree with how he mishandles sexual energy), I picked up a book that he promoted written in 1959 by a female psychiatrist called “The Power of Sexual Surrender.”  Imbibing the energy of this book whilst reading it somehow opened my eyes to things around me because I looked at the women in my life and space in a new manner and saw just how hopeless the damage is to society at large.  It’s almost as if people keep falling deeper-and-deeper under a certain spell and can no longer wake up.  At this point, all we can do is what we can – and cling to hope with respect to our own personal expectations.

This book is really dynamite.  It is now one of my favorite books on women after “The Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar.  I will leave you with a video of Esther, so you can see the feminine genius and lover of men that she is:


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