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November 11th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Riding a motorcycle almost screams that you have a bigger semen volume.  Getting a custom pro-street chopper is one sure-fire way to get tons of pussy.  Unless you are really fat or gross.

Playing to what Brad P. once dubbed “sexy stereotypes” always works, however.  I used to know this guy and he was like a fucking accountant, and a ginger to boot!  He bought himself an entry-level Harley-Davidson and transformed himself into a biker.

This fucker would park himself outside of a bar and literally nap on his bike.  I asked him about it one time and he informed me that he banged so many girls it was retarded.  He was a bit of a natural asshole as well and his Harley-Davidson was orange which certainly helped.

Naturally some guys are such tools they can’t get laid even when they buy custom $30,000 bikes and ride around.  Their perfect leather often gives them away.  But if you take the Lorenzo Lamas “Renegade” stereotype and grow your hair long, shoot GH to boost your iron-pumping progress and ride around town on a pro-street chopper you are bound to get some serious action.  Especially if you have a friend or two who will do it with you and you’ve all got basic game principles down and help each other instead of block each other.

Speaking of Lorenzo Lamas, the dude is in his 50′s and looks like this:

He just married some 25 year old chick with a huge chin which means she’s really into fucking:

This man is a fucking role model if you ask me.  A girl like this can give a man of any age a volume increase!

If this wasn’t Lorenzo’s 5th damn marriage he would be looking even younger, and I can only imagine that empty-headed Shauna Sands sucked at least a decade out of  him. lol




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