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February 15th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Taking massive load pills keeps you always noticing opportunity all around you.  In Manhattan on Valentine’s Day, you see endless single women on the prowl who are dateless and depressed today.  This leaves them open to all sorts of nonsense where you can pretend like you are in some stupid romance movie and pick them up. “Wow, to think we met on this day and found true love as two lonely people.”  Such stupid crap, but it is fun – if you have time for it.  Which I don’t.

I did have time, however, to make some Valentine’s day phone calls and send some text messages.  Not that I am fucking so many girls, but I call or send texts to girls in my phone because I am either having sex with them, or else it is just cool to send happy Valentine’s wishes to girls because it makes them feel great!

What’s really funny is I dropped a message to one girl and she is texting me back: “Who is this?”  Which means I am not in her phone.  She must have deleted my number.  Not that I pissed her off (at least I don’t think so), she probably is just utterly disinterested in me.  So I make a joke via text which drops the hint who I am, and it is soooo obvious but she just doesn’t get it and keeps asking me what my name is.  I mean, if she can’t figure out who I am based on my hints then I am the furthest thing from her mind.

Yet another reason to send out bulk V-day texts!




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